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The most successful aircraft in history, the Cessna 172 is now available for X-Plane 12!

You can expect unprecedented Study Level Simulation of C172S with G1000 Avionics.

New X-Plane 12 Features

  • Reworked Internal 3d model and textures

  • Brand new X-Plane 12 flight model

  • Internal Camera Enhancements (G-Forces) - Immersive camera effects out of the box

  • Complex External Camera Enhancements

  • Toe Brakes Smoothing Option for a better experience

  • Full VR compatibility

  • No bezels Garmin Displays commands for cockpit builders (RealSimGear, etc.)

  • XJet now works also on Apple Silicon PCs (Arm)

  • X-Plane 12 Rain Effects


3D Model

  • 3D Model based on real aircraft and rebuilt from the ground up

  • Exquisite PBR Texturing

  • Lycoming IO-360-L2A with all engine parts

  • Engine Heater, GPU, Refueling details, Fuel Sampling, Oil Management

  • Covers, Chocks, Tiedowns

  • Interior with many animations, vibrations, zero-G floating objects, baggage, and more

  • Damaged Aircraft Parts

  • Many detailed passengers and pilots

  • Rain, Fogging, Icing, Broken Windshield

  • Custom Particles Effects

  • 48 Liveries

  • Countless additional details, features, and animation

  • HDR Lighting System

FMOD Sound

  • More than 320 sounds + detailed, layered engine samples with audible failures simulation

  • Many actual aircraft recording sessions

  • All animations, movements, and situations produce sounds

  • Weather effects outside and inside of the aircraft

Flight Model

  • Based on actual aircraft flight recordings

  • Performance tuned and correlated with performance tables

  • Behavior details consulted with Pilots and Flight Instructors

  • Additional custom behavior: Stall and Spin, Soft Field Takeoff, Crosswind Ground Operations

  • Lift, Drag, Moment Forces Airfoils Data customized by internal plugin-based tweaker

  • Detailed Damage Simulation as Bending of the wings, Overspeed Flutter, Flaps damage, etc.

  • Wing Tail and Fuselage ground strike simulation.

  • Flight Model is influenced by - Vortex Generators, Flap Gap Seals, Bush Wheels, Fairings, Broken Windshield, etc.

Aircraft Systems

  • Custom Fuel System Simulation, including fuel flow and individual components logic and failures

  • Landing Gear plugin-based tuning of forces, including Side Moments, Skidding, and more

  • Detailed Landing Gear Damage - Bending Struts, Tire Wear, Flat Tire, Brakes, etc.

  • Flight Controls Damage simulation

Electrical System

  • Plugin Based Custom Electrical System designed according to real C172 Electrical Scheme

  • Simulating All Circuit Breakers, Electrical Components Failures, Short Circuits

  • Custom Busses, Fuses, Corrected Voltages, Amps, Batteries, behaviors, etc.

  • Electrical Scheme 2D Panel with live states

Engine Logic

  • Plugin Based Custom Engine Components Simulation and Wear

  • Per Cylinder Simulation of Temperatures, Wear and Failures

  • Custom Oil Temperature, Pressure Simulation

  • Custom Per Cylinder EGT simulation

  • 2 Magnetos and 8 Individual Spark Plugs Simulations

  • Spark Plugs Fouling Simulation

  • Additional Engine Components Wear and Failure Simulation (Air Intake, Fuel Pump, Exhaust, Fuel/Air Control Unit, Fuel Flow Transducer, Oil Filter, etc.)

Failure Management System and Scenarios Saving

  • Custom Plugin-Based Failure Management System

  • 175 Individual Components Simulated

  • Each Aircraft Component has a Wear property with custom Logic

  • Components Wear and Failures influence each other

  • Components State Saving Option

  • Failed at Altitude ASL/AGL Option

  • Possibility to Save Failure Sets as Individual Scenarios with thumbnail and description

  • 30 Scenarios Provided

C172 Knowledge Base

  • All of the 175 failable components are explained in detail in a 2D window

  • It provides valuable C172 information about how the aircraft works in real life

  • Engine Components are 3D clickable from the outside with Instant Descriptions, Explanations, and Illustrations.

User Interface and 2D Panels

  • New Gen User Interface with Floating Menu - Ergonomy and Ease of Use in mind

  • Instant Loading of Aircraft States: Cold&Dark, Before Start, Before Taxi, Before Takeoff

  • Detailed 2d panels with detachable windows for second monitors

  • PFD, MFD, Audio Panel, Switches Panel, Standby Instruments, CBs, Throttle Quadrant, Pedestal, Electrical System, Engine with animations 2D Panels

  • Aircraft Options Menu

  • Weight & Balance Detailed Options

  • Complex Failure Management System

  • General Settings include aircraft states, components conditions, sounds, intro, etc.

  • Custom Load/Save Situations Dialog

  • Remote Control for Airfoillabs Hangar at KAWO airport

  • Camera and Quick View Interface

  • Automated Checklists with Performace Calculators (Takeoff, Landing, Cruise)

  • Stylish Intro Animation

  • Cockpit Builders Optimized

G1000 additional features

  • Custom Engine Panel with Realistic Lean and System Tabs

  • Lean Assist Logic

  • Reversionary Mode Logic related to custom components

  • Custom Alerts, Caution, and Warning System

  • Speed Slip Improvements (Acceleration, V Speeds)

  • Simulating Loading Sequence and Instruments Initialisations

  • Custom Instruments Failures Warnings

  • G1000 Components Failures simulation

Aircraft Options

  • Wheel Fairings, Stylish Disc Wheel Covers, Bush wheels

  • Vortex Generators, Flap Gap Seals

  • Cockpit AoA Indicator and Tablet with AviTab Implementation

  • Headphones Logic and Noise Canceling

Checklist and Performance

  • Complex Automated Checklist System

  • Camera Focus on Instruments Option

  • Checklist Flow Options: Manual, Semi-Automatic, Automatic

  • Checklist Hints

  • Short Field Takeoff Calculator

  • Short Field Landing Calculator

Ground Operations

  • Manual Towing

  • Exterior Manual Check of Flight Controls

  • Covers, Tiedowns, Chocks Manipulation

  • Manual Fuel Sampling

  • Manual Refueling and Fuel Quantity Check

  • Manual Oil Refilling and Oil Quantity Check

  • Engine Heater Operation Logic

Walk Feature and QuickLook Camera with Collisions

  • Walk Feature with Terrain and Aircraft Collisions

  • Walk, Run, Crouch, and Gravity Simulation

  • Climb on the aircraft to refuel, get in/out

  • Customizable and Comfortable QuickLook System for Hat Switch Joysticks, compatible with other plugins


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