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2015 CESSNA 172SP
X-Plane 10/11 Only


The development of this project was a passionate journey to remember. We have made this wonderful Cessna initially for X-Plane version 10 and later on, we have ported it to X-Plane 11 for our users free of charge. We are very proud that during the support period of 7 years, we have made for our customers more than 23 substantial updates, without the need for re-purchase. Unfortunately, we do not plan to support the aircraft for X-Plane 12.

Here is Why:

The 3D model, texturing, plugin, and sound system originate in the previous decade. As we always aim for the highest quality and very sophisticated features, it was no longer viable to update the original aircraft. Therefore We have made the decision to make a brand new product, literary from the ground up. Nothing substantial was reused. Completely new 3D mesh, new UVs, new PBR texturing, new Lycoming Engine model, FMOD, and much more. It took us almost 4 years, including a brand new, modern, and now well tested (KA350) XJet plugin. The result of this effort is C172 NG DIGITAL. This New Gen series will continue with C172 NG ANALOG airplane. If you purchase C172 NG DIGITAL you get the license for X-Plane 11 as well as for future X-Plane 12. We always dream about bringing something new and original to the flight sim cummunity and this is the way how we can realize it.

The Cessna 172 SP is a four-seat, single-engine, high wing, fixed-wing aircraft made by the Cessna Aircraft Company. More Cessna 172s have been built than any other aircraft. Measured by its longevity and popularity, the Cessna 172 is the most successful aircraft in history. Cessna delivered the first production models in 1956. As of 2015, Cessna, and its partners, had built more than 43,000.

Interactivity Features and free Walk Around

  • Free walk around the aircraft using the controller

  • Manipulation with chocks, ropes

  • Landing gear service doors 

  • Oil check

  • Baggage loading

  • Manual towing of the aircraft

  • Control surfaces free movement check

  • GPU connect

  • Removing engine cowling

  • Manual refueling

  • Getting in and out of the aircraft

  • And more ...

DreamEngine SOUND


  • More than 140 sounds

  • Real aircraft recordings

  • 3D sound distribution

  • Doppler Effect and Atmospheric Attenuation

  • Headphones high freq. attenuation

  • Different levels of landing hardness

  • Engine windmilling, brakes, bumps, AOA wind sound, etc.

Flight Model Main Features

  • Very accurate Flight Model

  • Tested and approved by real-world Cessna 172 SP pilots and flight instructor

  • Realistic weight and balance - lateral and longitudinal loads placement

  • Custom made flight characteristics derived from the real aircraft flight recordings and based on real flight manual performance data 

  • Calculation of real KIAS based on KCAS according to flight manual

  • Realistic stall characteristics

  • Climb performance according to flight manual performance data

  • Cruise performance data precise match (PRESS ALT, TEMP, POWER, KTAS, GPH)

  • Electrical system derived from the real ELECTRICAL SCHEMATIC

  • Functional Circuit Breakers logic

High-Quality 3D model, textures, and animations

  • High resolution 4K textures

  • Easy to read, high-resolution panel

  • All switches, buttons and knobs animated

  • Volumetric side view prop effect

  • Realistic 3D night lights effects. 

  • Dynamic loading/unloading of 3D parts and plugin logic for FPS optimization

Sophisticated Menu System

  • QUICK START panel – easy and quick configuration of the aircraft

  • CAMERA panel 


  • SETTINGS panel

  • ENGINE SERVICE panel – available in next update

Flight Instruments Features


  • Pitot static system latency and customized turbulence effect (KIAS, VSI)

  • Sideslip KIAS reduction

  • Custom annunciator panel realistic behavior

  • Avionics panel advanced functionality

  • Autopilot is moving with the yoke

  • The autopilot disconnected by yoke movement

  • And more ...

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