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Embrace the Analog Cessna 172 Era: Where Every Flight Tells a Story. This is as Analog as it Gets!


Experience the thrill of flight with our advanced simulation of the iconic Cessna 172, the most renowned aircraft in general aviation history! This study-level simulation, complete with beautiful analog gauges, offers an authentic and exhilarating flying adventure. Don't miss out on piloting a legend - elevate your flight experience with the Cessna 172 simulation now!


New X-Plane 12 Features

  • New detailed 3d Model Interior/Exterior built from scratch!

  • Customizable, Highly Detailed Analog Gauges

  • Reality XP - GTN 750 compatibility

  • Brand new X-Plane 12 flight model

  • Internal Camera Enhancements (G-Forces) - Immersive camera effects out of the box

  • Complex External Camera Enhancements

  • Toe Brakes Smoothing Option for a better experience

3D Model

  • 3D Model based on real aircraft and rebuilt from the ground up

  • Exquisite PBR Texturing

  • Lycoming IO-360-L2A with all engine parts

  • Engine Heater, GPU, Refueling details, Fuel Sampling, Oil Management

  • Covers, Chocks, Tiedowns

  • Interior with many animations, vibrations, zero-G floating objects, baggage, and more

  • Damaged Aircraft Parts

  • Many detailed passengers and pilots

  • Rain, Icing, Broken Windshield

  • Custom Particles Effects

  • 48 Liveries

  • Countless additional details, features, and animation

  • HDR Lighting System

FMOD Sound

  • More than 320 sounds + detailed, layered engine samples with audible failures simulation

  • Many real aircraft recording sessions

  • All animations, movements, and situations produce sounds

  • Weather effects outside and inside of the aircraft

Flight Model

  • Based on real aircraft flight recordings

  • Performance tuned and correlated with performance tables

  • Behavior details consulted with Pilots and Flight Instructors

  • Additional custom behavior: Stall and Spin, Soft Field Takeoff, Crosswind Ground Operations

  • Lift, Drag, Moment Forces Airfoils Data customized by internal plugin-based tweaker

  • Detailed Damage Simulation as Bending of the wings, Overspeed Flutter, Flaps damage, etc.

  • Wing Tail and Fuselage ground strike simulation.

  • Flight Model is influenced by - Vortex Generators, Flap Gap Seals, Bush Wheels, Fairings, Broken Windshield, etc.

Aircraft Systems

  • Custom Fuel System Simulation, including fuel flow and individual components logic and failures

  • Landing Gear plugin-based tuning of forces, including Side Moments, Skidding, and more

  • Detailed Landing Gear Damage - Bending Struts, Tire Wear, Flat Tire, Brakes, etc.

  • Flight Controls Damage simulation

Electrical System

  • Plugin Based Custom Electrical System designed according to real C172 Electrical Scheme

  • Simulating All Circuit Breakers, Electrical Components Failures, Short Circuits

  • Custom Busses, Fuses, Corrected Voltages, Amps, Batteries, behaviors, etc.

  • Electrical Scheme 2D Panel with live states

Engine Logic

  • Custom Engine Components Simulation and Wear

  • Per Cylinder Simulation of Temperatures, Wear, and Failures

  • Custom Oil Temperature, Pressure Simulation

  • Custom Per Cylinder EGT simulation

  • 2 Magnetos and 8 Individual Spark Plugs Simulations

  • Spark Plugs Fouling Simulation

  • Additional Engine Components Wear and Failure Simulation (Air Intake, Fuel Pump, Exhaust, Fuel/Air Control Unit, Fuel Flow Transducer, Oil Filter, etc.)

Failure Management System and Scenarios Saving

  • Custom Plugin-Based Failure Management System

  • 175 Individual Components Simulated

  • Each Aircraft Component has a Wear property with custom Logic

  • Components Wear and Failures influence each other

  • Components State Saving Option

  • Failed at Altitude ASL/AGL Option

  • Possibility to Save Failure Sets as Individual Scenarios with thumbnail and description

  • 30 Scenarios Provided

C172 Knowledge Base

  • All of the 175 failable components are explained in detail in a 2D window

  • It provides valuable C172 information about how the aircraft works in real-life

  • Engine Components are 3D clickable from the outside with Instant Descriptions, Explanations, and Illustrations.

User Interface and 2D Panels

  • New Gen User Interface with Floating Menu - Ergonomy and Ease of Use in Mind

  • Instant Loading of Aircraft States: Cold&Dark, Before Start, Before Taxi, Before Takeoff

  • Aircraft Options Menu

  • Weight & Balance Detailed Options

  • Complex Failure Management System

  • General Settings include aircraft states, component conditions, sounds, intro, etc.

  • Custom Load/Save Situations Dialog

  • Camera and Quick View Interface

  • Automated Checklists with Performance Calculators (Takeoff, Landing, Cruise)

  • Stylish Intro Animation

Aircraft Options

  • Wheel Fairings, Stylish Disc Wheel Covers, Bush wheels

  • Vortex Generators, Flap Gap Seals

  • Cockpit AoA Indicator and Tablet with AviTab Implementation

  • Headphones Logic and Noise Canceling

Checklist and Performance

  • Complex Automated Checklist System

  • Camera Focus on Instruments Option

  • Checklist Flow Options: Manual, Semi-Automatic, Automatic

  • Checklist Hints

  • Short Field Takeoff Calculator

  • Short Field Landing Calculator

Ground Operations

  • Manual Towing

  • Exterior Manual Check of Flight Controls

  • Covers, Tiedowns, Chocks Manipulation

  • Manual Fuel Sampling

  • Manual Refueling and Fuel Quantity Check

  • Manual Oil Refilling and Oil Quantity Check

  • Engine Heater Operation Logic

Walk Feature and QuickLook Camera with Collisions

  • Walk Feature with Terrain and Aircraft Collisions

  • Walk, Run, Crouch, and Gravity Simulation

  • Climb on the aircraft to refuel, get in/out

  • Customizable and Comfortable QuickLook System for Hat Switch Joysticks, compatible with other plugins

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