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KAWO Arlington Area UHD

General Aviation Heaven

Surrounded by some of the most spectacularly beautiful scenery in the United States, nestled between the blue waters of Puget Sound and the snow-capped peaks of the Cascade Mountains, Arlington Municipal Airport is a public airport located three miles southwest of the central business district of Arlington in northwest Washington State.

This new scenery is located in the pacific northwest of the US and includes 3 airports (KAWO, Fugios Ranch, and Gabriel's Farm), 2 Adventure Stillaguamish Riverbank Landing Spots, the City of Arlington, and the neighborhood.


For users using Airfoillabs C172 NG DIGITAL aircraft, there is more content available - Remotely controlled hangar, 3D Navigational Aids, and more.


Key Features

  • Precise representation of the airports and the surrounding area with an immense amount of details

  • Manually edited photo scenery

  • Custom-made HD ground textures, lines, and dirt with realistic reflections optimized for best performance

  • Thousands of 3d objects with PBR normal maps and DDS textures

  • 3d grass and flowers for realistic ambiance

  • All open hangars provided with detailed interior

  • Ground traffic - animated vehicles, people, animals

  • Animated flags with behavior related to weather in X-Plane

  • Users of Airfoillabs C172 NG DIGITAL get a Remotely controlled Hangar, 6 Traffic Patterns for all 5 locations, represented as 3D navigational aids, and quick orientation scenery arrows.


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