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WIP C-47 / DC-3

Let's dive together and enjoy the time travel to the great era of aviation which the Dakota airplane represents.

The screens show the current state of 3d modeling and PBR texturing. Behind the scenes the basic flight model is ready but as we aim for deep systems integration, it will take time before all will be ready. The release date is not set - we want a study level Dakota that we dream about and that is the priority.

The story behind the Dakota project is that we have started a cooperation with French Association Merville-Dakota:

We are very grateful to them for providing us with information and the opportunity to gather visual data of the aircraft and other documents. There will certainly be a special livery dedicated to their C-47.


The amazing fact is that this precise plane flew the night of 6 June 1944 and dropped paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division over Normandy. We would like very much to catch some of this history in the simulation.

More technical facts:

  • There will be 2 variants of the Dakota C-47 (Military) and DC-3 (airliner) and there will be differences in the location of the doors as well as in the cabin layout.

  • We are making an FMOD sound pack in-house for better Pratt & Whitney "music".

  • Similar to our King Air 350 we would like the aircraft to be user-friendly nevertheless the realism will be there for hard simmers.

  • We have an opportunity to consult the project with a real DC-3 pilot.

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