WIP Bristell B23

Our first light aircraft in development.​

We have started the work on 3D model of a brand new type of aircraft from well know BRISTELL Company.

The Czech light aircraft manufacturer which has produced more than 600 LSA aircraft worldwide, has launched the BRISTELL B23, its next-generation low-wing airplane. The B23 has been designed to satisfy the European CS23 / U.S. FAR23 certification basis.​

While the airplane looks very similar to the classic BRISTELL LSA, there is far more to the new design. The fuselage is longer and the tail with an aluminum rudder is larger; the flaps and stabilizer are bigger and more efficient; the composite main landing gear legs have been redesigned completely to enable them to carry much heavier loads than previous Bristell models, and the aircraft’s handling characteristics are much improved too. In addition, the twin elevator trim tab function helps the pilot to optimize the forces on the control stick.

The basic equipment includes a steerable nose wheel and a BRS ballistic parachute rescue system. The standard-equipped aircraft also meets the night-VFR requirements and can be upgraded to meet IFR requirements.

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