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DECEMBER 21th, 2023

  • Flight Model Tuning

  • Landing Gear Behavior Tuning

  • Windows Anti-ice Fixed

  • Oil Temp Fixed

AUGUST 10th, 2023

  • RNAV/LPV Approach Capabilty Fix

  • Exterior Sound Cone Fix

  • Acf State Saving Fix

  • New Custom Failures UI

  • 3D Model and Texturing Corrections for XP12

  • Flight Model Rebuild from Scratch

  • New Multi-Reynolds Airfoils Data

  • New Engine Logic and Performance

  • Weight, Fuel, Balance Systems Rebuild

  • Takeoff Roll Performance tuning

  • XP12 Controls Animations Tuning

  • Rudder Boost Logic rebuild

  • Autofeather Redesign

  • Governor Test Implemented

  • Low Idle Pitch Stop Test Redesign

  • Engine Anti-Ice System Redesign

  • New Governors Logic

  • New Prop Pitch Tuning Logic

  • New Feathering Logic

  • Windshield Rain, Ice, and Wipers

  • FMOD Sound Updates and New Features

  • Enhanced Cam for XP12 Implemented

  • Prop Handles Controllers Warning and Implementation

  • New Engine Keyboard Commands Logic

  • Oxygen Systems Logic Fixed

  • New Camera Positions Definitions

  • Quick Look Redesign

  • Pressurization System Fix + Explosive Depressurization Failure

  • Condition Lever Logic Redesign

  • New Engine ITT Logic + Failures

  • Loading/Saving Update

  • Engine Parts Failures Simulation

  • Bus Volts Logic Update

  • Automated Checklists Fixes

MAY 25th, 2021

  • Added missing GTN cockpit texture.

  • Fixed acf icons.

New features:


  • Checklist/Manual (right bottom corner) - Performance data for climb and cruise added

Fixed Issues:


  • Mouse control - when no joystick controller present, the mouse correctly unify controls of roll and yaw

  • Propeller Feathering - Now correctly connected to oil pressure system

  • Propeller RPM - low idle - RPM tuned and drops at slightly higher speed

  • Ground COMM Power Switch - X-Plane ATC COM1 now working

  • Ground COMM Power mode annunciators lit up - corrected Annunciators behavior

  • Towing steering - fixed

  • Engine Started tuned to stabilize at lower RPM

  • Control Lock Chain - now prevents rudder movement

  • Tires - side force simulation slightly reduced.

  • One Engine Inoperative climb tuned up according to real performance.

APRIL 16th, 2021

New features:


  • New Quick Look system

  • ALT SELECT PANEL added in the A/P pop up window

  • The aircraft is less prone to over torque

  • Limited rudder pedals movements when the aircraft is at a stop or taxiing slow

  • Engine power slightly adjusted

  • The aircraft is less prone to over torque

  • Adjusted ground effect, aircraft won't float so much during the flare

  • Added on/off commands for each and every two state switch in the aircraft for better hardware mapping, so far only toggle commands were supported

  • Bleed Fail Annunciators implemented

  • Fueling nozzle can be locked during refueling. Once full, it will disengage automatically

  • Updated tire forces to prevent excessive sliding while taxiing

  • A/P climb and descent tweaked

  • UI - added an option to set icon menu pop up delay when mouse hover

Fixed Issues:


  • Surface Deice - when switched to single momentarily, surface de-ice is powered for 10s until the de-ice cycle completes

  • The Exit switches are now spring loaded to the neutral/middle position

  • The voltmeter is spring loaded from BAT to TRIPLE FED

  • Wipers park is spring loaded

  • W&B - fixed issue where passenger showed instead of cargo

  • Walking during flight disabled

  • Towing - issue which occurred during aircraft towing fixed

  • 3D model - sun visor fixed

  • Issues with Co-pilot callouts fixed

  • Inability to map external views to NUM keys fixed

  • Triple-fed bus 1V less when fed from the battery

  • EHSI now displays correct information from the FPL (GTN + G530 + FMS). EHSI will now show the correct waypoint and distance from FPL (works for all avionics options). EHSI will now display the FPL when in MAP mode (For FMS and G530 option)

  • Low fuel pressure annunciators fixed in crossfeed

  • Altimeter BARO adjusted, issue with high QNH setting fixed

  • Fixed issue with autopilot which caused AP to disconnects itself in turbulence too often

  • Fixed issues in performance calculation panels

OCTOBER 29th, 2020

  • Vulkan Renderer implementations

  • 2 x G530 Implementation

  • Compatibility with Reality XP GTN 750 Implementation

  • 3d model changes

  • Textures corrections

  • Icons

  • Fuel crossfeed corrected

  • Texture grabber not unloading fix

  • Callout corrections

  • Towing power bug

  • Steering bug

  • Refueling window fix

  • Digital display corrections

  • CDU connect to Avionics Triple Fed Bus

  • Avionics logic fix

JUNE 4th, 2019

  • UI optimizations

  • Avionics logic fix

MAY 30th, 2019

  • RBF sidebar icon does not remove propeller covers fixed

  • The automatic checklists still jams in a few places if the camera focus is switched off fixed

  • Wrong version in the aircraft settings dialog

MAY 17th, 2019

New features:

  • VNAV mode during RNAV FMS approaches implementation.

  • Custom situation saving / loading.

  • Aircraft configs disabled during flight.

  • Quick weight and balance settings.

  • Provide commands to hide/show individual 2D panels.

Fixed Issues:

  • FMS interaction causing X-Plane crashes.

  • [XJet] SEVERE [KA350/LuaAvionicComponent] Error executing update function on component: fms.

  • EADI, EHSI, MFD display function fixes.

  • Display autopilot modes fixes.

  • The synchronisation functionality of the two propellers.

  • Props out of sync sound.

  • Engine Reverse, N1 too low + smoother prop pitch transitions.

  • Wind sound too quite.

  • Sound initialisation fix.

  • Random Power/Prop ration difference.

  • Baggage doors animation correction.

  • FMS keys numbers 1, 2 or 3 output 0 instead.

  • Custom pressurisation system.

  • Pilots Oxygen Masks Valve.

  • Yoke animation related to autopilot fix.

  • Engaging autopilot: shaking (in air) and strange yoke position fix.

  • After disconnect AP excessive pitch.

  • AP in ALT mode fix.

  • Engine hot start ITT too low.

  • Continued click sound fix.

  • Bus tie sound logic fix.

  • Copilot chrono ET mode.

  • Hide LE, RE, landing gear when possible for better performance.

  • Fuel Flow units in indicators.

  • Map mode on navigation display stays on north.

  • FMOD error in the log.

  • Altitude / Torque / ITT / N1 / Speed / Climb relations fixes.

  • Could not resolve property: ehsiRangeSelRaw.

  • Altitude set instrument driven by sim/cockpit/autopilot/altitude.

  • Set elevator trim to takeoff position in Before Takeoff config Aircraft Configuration.

  • Hide Fuel Truck, GPU, Steps when towing.

  • X-Camera compatibility.

  • Elevator authority weak in slow speed.

  • KA 350 1.0 Vmc roll doesn't happen.

  • Problem with GPU disconnecting, GPU strobe light.

  • Altimeters (Pilot/Copilot) mouse wheel unit snap.

  • Disable Cinema Verite while walking.

  • Weight and Fuel separate saving.

  • Raise the limit - aircraft is moving / aircraft is still.

  • Implement default yoke Show/Hide command.

  • Gravity Line Drain mirrored Textures.

  • The pitch trimtab animation on the Tail Elevator.

  • Landing Gear, engine, foreign black object.

  • Corrupted ui-settings.json prevents from opening 2d panels again.

  • Entry door could be opened during flight.

Known issues:


  • Problem with manual Towing - camera incorrect position in some specific combination of different plugins interference.

  • VR support.

  • X-Plane replay functionality does not work correctly.

APRIL 5th, 2019


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