Innovative Technologies


We focus on utilisation of new technologies, innovations and new approach to production of flight simulation devices. This is enabling us to create fully functional and certifiable solutions at very cost-effective price range.

Professional solutions

Fixed Wing

Fixed Wing
A1 - Modular FNPT I/II/MCC


It is a cost-effective modular simulation training device, specifically designed for FTOs. The device is technologically optimized aiming to be very accessible, with low operation costs, is very easy to use and has small installation space requirements.


The base product is a modular panel solution; and is conceived in a way that you can very easily change its components to represent a wide range of aircraft (single/two engines, piston/turboprop). It is possible to customize the cockpit instruments, avionics, switches and controls to our clients needs.


The basic version has a large assortment of IFR instruments, audio panel, autopilot, Garmin GNS530 with updatable navigation database, radio, ADF, DME transponder, intercom. Any other avionics we provide on request.


It is a 3 channel projection setup - 197,4° field of view with instructor station. Different configurations of cylindrical or spherical projections are available. Flight model, system logic, instruments and interfaces are developed very rigorously with realistic and immersive feel. We are providing advanced control loading system with different options price wise (dual controls , dynamic force loading mechanism, etc.).


Our focus is always on simplification of operations, therefore instructors and operators will find instructor station and whole system environment very ergonomic, welcoming and easy to use and maintain.



A2 - Type Specific FNPT I/II/MCC


We are developing also type specific devices of any kind. Our flexible team will fulfill your requirements. We will work with you closely to set the best combination of technology, price and equipment. Don't hesitate to ask any questions.



A3 - FTD Devices


In case you are providing type rating for more complex aircraft we will make for you analysis how you could use FTD instead of FFS and how much cost savings you are able to do with such a solution. There is also a possibility of combining FNPT and FTD category.


H1 - Modular FNPT I/II/III/MCC


As well as A1, it is a cost-effective modular simulation training device. The device is technologically optimized aiming to be very accessible, with low operation costs, is very easy to use and has small installation space requirements.



H2 - Type Specific FNPT I/II/MCC/FTD


We are ready to work closely with our clients to provide any customization possible. Feel free to contact us with any details.




T - Tactical Trainers / Centers


We are elaborating for our clients detailed analysis to help them decide about the level of those systems needed to meet ideal price / functionality ratio.


From our experience the solutions on the market are often either too expensive and the functionality is not fully used, either it is a system with serious operation issues. We are therefore committed to a concept of effectivity while maintaining high level of quality, service and support.


There is a large spectrum of possibilities, from individual networked desktop stations, through simple cockpit setups, to full cockpit shell installations with spherical visual system, command, radio, radar system etc. The mission possibilities are very variable so that we could match the best price / functionality ratio. We are able to build a simple multi station flight training system but also a very complex training center with tens of stations, complex scenarios and scenery. 


In case you have any enquiries we are ready to meet you and respond to your questions.


D - Cost Effective Desktop Trainers


Customizable desktop trainers that can be networked for various training purposes. Very accessible device.


It is the most cost effective solution and it's ideal for flight schools to prepare pilots for VFR, IFR checkrides and for many other trainings including radio communication.


We are constantly developing new features for automated intelligent voice instructor software that can teach and follow different flight lessons.

Desktop Trainers

E1 - Mig-21 Entertainment Simulator


We are currently finishing a Mig-21 Entertainment cockpit simulator project. It is possible to deliver this machine with cylindrical or spherical visual system as well as small or advanced motion platform. There is no limit for customer customization. It is the only Mig-21 simulator for entertainment on the market.


We had in mind one goal: it was the final hyper realistic feel and fantastic adventure. It provides entertainment centers with a exclusive, very intensive experience. Visitors often value this simulator much higher then classic simulators of B737 or A320. Said that, it is approximately 1/2 the budget of such devices.



E2 - L-39 Entertainment Simulator

We have developed L-39 Albatros Entertainment simulator product. The concept is to offer low budget and very intensive experience simulator with wide range of visual systems - back projection, LCD, cylindrical, spherical setups - with modular design, sophisticated I/O system implementation and single or dual PC system. We are able to customize this project to our customers needs.



E3 - Custom Made Solutions


Our enthusiastic team will be happy to receive any suggestions about other aircraft type entertainment project for general aviation and develop it with passion.

Entertainment solutions

S1 - Scenery / Scenarios / Missions


Airfoil Labs Scenery Team is working closely with our clients in development of custom made sceneries, scenarios and missions for different platforms. Innovative technological background as well as professional experience allows us to create superior quality orthophoto, terrains and objects components with animation capabilities etc.



S2 - Software plugins for X-plane


Airfoil Labs is preparing to lunch several commercial plugins for X-plane in December 2014.