C172 NG DIGITAL development update!

C172 NG DIGITAL with G1000 is coming this Fall!


We're also working on an ANALOG version that will be modular and have options to incorporate other third-party avionics, such as the GTN 750 and others. The ANALOG version is coming in Spring 2022. Both Airplanes are being developed for X-Plane 11, though we're counting on the support of both C172 NG DIGITAL and ANALOG in Laminar's Research X-Plane 12.

The flight model has been fine-tuned for months and is based on recorded real flight data and developed in close cooperation with C172 pilots and instructors. It's tuned to simulate realistic states, including the spin entry and recovery. The flight model is also tuned for correct ground effect and control surfaces effectivity. It features a fully working electric system, which includes also a 2D visualization, realistic fuel consumption, visualization of engine cycles which includes per cylinder CHT and EGT simulation.

Many customizations were done also on the G1000 avionics, for instance, we've implemented an automatic lean assist which will help the pilot set up the airplane for best performance. The list of new features does not end here though, there is a custom Airfoillabs Tablet which works as the user interface to configure the airplane from the cockpit, it also features integration with the popular AviTab. We've built from scratch also the 3D model, which has optimized polygons for better HW performance and features PBR textures, there are also new High definition sounds that are integrated with FMOD and were professionally recorded on a real C172.

We're also proud to announce that we will be also revealing the new failure system, which will bring this airplane to the next level of realism, pilots will be able to put their skills to the test with a number of custom scenarios. Regarding the user interface, the C172 NG will feature also an automated detailed checklist, with a full takeoff and landing calculator based on the C172 POH. Detailed description of each component and system present on the aircraft will also be included.

The new C172 NG by Airfoillabs Company for X-Plane will come with a number of high-quality liveries out of the box so that you can pick your favorite Airplane and explore the many wonders of simulation flying!


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